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SIG VII - 18-30 June 2018

Open problems in Skyrmions

Lectures on topological solitons, their mathematical properties and physical applications.

As always, the aim of this informal workshop is to increase interactions (and possible future collaboration) between Skyrme oriented physicists and mathematicians. So, we are mainly focused on discussion. Therefore, we plan to have only 2 talks every day.

This year we want to identify and discuss main problems and open questions in the realm of Skyrme type models. Therefore, while mornign talks will present recent results, afternoon talks will be devoted for a disussion related to an "open problem talk" selected by the speakers.

Participants and Talks

I and II week

  • Sven Bjarke Gudnason (Keio, Japan), (*)(1) "Black hole Skyrme hair: what makes it stable?" and (*)(2) "Classical and quantum binding energies of Skyrmions in generalized Skyrme models: how large are the quantum corrections?"
  • Carlos Naya (Durham, UK), "A BPS family of Skyrmions, pions and rho mesons"
  • Lukasz Bratek (Krakow, Poland)
  • Tomasz Romanczukiewicz (Krakow, Poland), "Jumpy relaxation of the large amplitude oscillons"
  • Yasha Shnir (Dubna, Russia), "Fractional Hopfions"
  • Justyna Stefaniak (krakow, Poland)
  • Lukasz Stepien (Krakow, Poland)
  • Mateusz Wachla (Krakow, Poland)
  • Konrad Wierzbik (Krakow, Poland)
  • Andrzej Wereszczynski (Krakow, Poland), "Neutron Stars in the Skyrme model and their baby version" and (*) "Halo nuclei"

    I week

  • Manfried Faber (Vienna, Austria), (1) "The QCD vacuum" and (2) "Topological excitations in a modified Skyrme model"
  • William Grummitt (Kent, UK), "(Vibrational) quantization of Skyrmions"
  • Steffen Krusch (Kent, UK), "(Vibrational) quantization of Skyrmions"
  • Jose Queiruga (Karlsruhe, Germany) "Antigravity from a Skyr defect" and (*) "SUSY in Chern-Simons baby Skyrme/CPN"
  • Tom Winyard (Leeds, UK), "TBA"

    II week

  • Lorenzo Bartolini (Pisa, Italy), "The holographic skyrmion model",
  • Stefano Bolognesi (Pisa, Italy), "Large N CP(N) model with boundar
  • David Foster (Bristol, UK), "Liquid crystal Skyrmions"
  • Nuno Romao (Augsburg, Germany), "Solitons in gauged sigma-models and noncommutative geometry"
  • Martin Speight (Leeds, UK), "Omega mesons and Skyrmions"
  • Ricardo Vazquez (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

    Program 18-23 June

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    10.30 Naya Gudnason Krusch Romanczukiewicz Faber (1) (*) Wereszczynski
    14.30 Winyard (*) Queiruga Grummitt (*) Gudnason (1) Queiruga

    Program 25-29 June

    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    10.30 Speight Romao Bolognesi Foster Bartolini
    14.30 Faber (2) Romao (*) Gudnason (2) Wereszczynski Shnir

    (*) discussion session

    Organizing committee

  • B. Gudnason (Keio)
  • C. Naya (Durham)
  • A. Wereszczynski (Krakow)


    Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Lojasiewicza 11, Krakow. Seminar room - will be fix later.


    Each visitor will share an office in the secure part of the institute.

    Coffee, Lunch, Refreshments

  • Coffee - one can enjoy good espresso (and other coffee varieties) at the Atom Bar, located at the main entrance of the Faculty.

    There is also a new! coffee espresso machine in the Theory Department's coffee room located in our section C-2.

  • Lunch - Atom Bar 13/15 PLN: soup, second course + salad + drink. There are also other student bars on Campus. So, feel free to explore. Unfortunately, there are no nice restaurants close to the Campus.

  • Dinners - TBA

  • Refreshments - TBA

  • Welcome party -TBA


  • Airport -> Krakow Glowny Train Station / City center.

    Balice Airport is connected with the Central Train Station (Krakow Glowny) by a direct train. Please, follow the signs at the Airport. Once you are at the Balice Train Station take any train. All trains go to Krakow Glowny - it is the only big station on the way. It takes approximately 17 min to get there and there is one train every 30 minutes. You can purchase your tickets from a self-service vending machine at the platform (cash/cards) or on board the train (cash - only polish zloty). It costs 8 PLN. See train time table.

  • Krakow Glowny Train Station -> Campus

    Once you arrive at Krakow Glowny leave the train station through the shopping center (Galeria Krakowska). To exit the shopping center, please follow the signs to Krakow Old Town. You will arrive at a rather big square with the shopping center in your back and an old train station building on the left (map). Please, continue straight (with the stream of people) until you see an underground passage (it leads to Planty - a green area around the Old Town). Don't take the passage but turn a bit left. There is a tram/bus stop. Take tram 52, direction "Czerwone Maki". The campus stop is "Norymberska" - just in front of "Kaufland" supermarket. The campus is behind the shopping center. A single tram ticket costs 3.80 PLN. You can buy it from a vending machine at some stops (cash/cards) or on board the tram (depending on the machine you pay by card or/and chash). See time table for tram 52.

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