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SIG IV - 24-26 June and 07-09 July 2015

Solitons and non-perturbative QCD

Lectures on solitons and QCD in non-perturbative regime - mathematical properties and applications to baryon physics, nuclear matter and neutron stars.

As always, the aim of this informal workshop is to increase interaction (and possible future collaboration) between Skyrme oriented physicists and mathematicians. So, we are mainly focused on discussions. Therefore, we plan to have only 2-3 talks every day. The tentative detailed topics are:

  • QCD effective models: Nambu-Jona-Lasino, Bag model, Skyrme models
  • nuclear matter EoS
  • neutron stars and quark stars
  • Skyrme fluids
  • supersymmetric skyrmions
  • topological defects and Bogomolny equations

    Participants and Talks

  • C. Adam (Santiago de Compostela U.), "Neutron stars in the BPS Skyrme model: mean filed vs. full field theory"
  • I. Aniceto (Jagiellonian U.)
  • H. Arodz (Jagiellonian U.)
  • J. Ashcroft (Kent U.), "Skyrmions in chiral magnets"
  • H. Baron (Durham U.) "Quasiintegrability and the colelctive coordinates approximation"
  • T. Dobrowolski (Pedagogical U. Krakow), "The effects of curvature in the Josephson junctions"
  • J. Jankowski (Jagiellonian U.), "New ideas in the old model"
  • T. Klaehn (Wroclaw U.), "Vector interaction enhanced bag model for astrophysical applications"
  • S. Krusch (Kent U.), "Vortices and Impurities"
  • M. Haberichter (Kent U.), "Electromagnetic properties of skyrmions" and "Tunneling decay of false domain walls: the silence of the lambs"
  • M. Nowak (Jagiellonian U.), "Strangeness in the Skyrme model"
  • J. M. Queiruga (Sao Paulo U.), "N=2 supersymmetric Skyrme model in 3+1 dimensions"
  • M. Speight (Leeds U.), "The geometry of the space of BPS vortex-antivortex pairs"
  • L. Stepien (Pedagogical U. Krakow), "Bogomolny decompositions for the Baby Skyrme models"
  • A. Wereszczynski, (Jagiellonian U.), "Baryons, atomic nuclei and neutron stars as solitons in chiral perfect fuid" and "Squeezing B=1 skyrmion"

    Program 23-26 June

    Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    11.00 M. Nowak J. Jankowski L. Stepien
    12.00 C. Adam A. Wereszczynski M. Speight
    13.00 T. Klaehn
    15.00 M. Haberichter

    Program 07-09 July

    Wednesday Thursday
    11.00 A. Wereszczynski T. Dobrowolski
    12.00 S. Krusch M. Haberichter
    15.00 J. Ashcroft H. Baron
    16.00 J. M. Queiruga


    Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Lojasiewicza 11, Krakow