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SIG I - 04-07 November 2013

The world of skyrmions

Lectures on skyrmions, their mathematical properties and applications to baryon physics and atomic nuclei.


  • C. Adam (Santiago de Compostela U.), "Nuclear binding energies in the BPS Skyrme model"
  • D. Foster (Kent U.), "Scattering of solitons in the Skyrme model"
  • J. Jankowski (Jagiellonian U.), "Sakai-Sugimoto skyrmions"
  • J. Jaykka (NORDITA), "Skyrmionic state induced by dissipationless drag in U(1)xU(1) superconductors"
  • S. Krusch (Kent U.), "Folding in the Skyrme model"
  • T. Romanczukiewicz (Jagiellonian U.), "Dynamics of solitons in nonintegrable models"
  • A. Wereszczynski, (jagiellonian U.), "BPS Skyrme model - B=1 sector and large Nc issue"