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SIG II - 26-30 May 2014

Near BPS skyrmions

Lectures on skyrmions, their mathematical properties and applications to baryon physics and atomic nuclei.

The meeting is devoted on furhter investigation of BPS and near BPS Skyrme theories and their relevance for the description of the low energy regime of QCD. Planed topics are:
  • pressure in the Skyrme models
  • nuclear compressibility and compression modulus
  • two and three body forces: field theoretical approach and nuclear phenomenology
  • skyrmions on domain walls


  • C. Adam (Santiago de Compostela U.), "Thermodynamics of the BPS Skyrme model"
  • H. Arodz (Jagiellonian U.), "Three-body forces from a classical nonlinear field"
  • D. Foster (Kent U.), "A smooth composite rational map ansatz for the Skyrme model"
  • S.B. Gudnason (NORDITA), "Skyrmions and domain walls"
  • M. Haberichter, (Kent U.), "Isorotating skyrmions"
  • C. Naya (Santiago de Compostela U.), "Lifshitz models with the SDiff symmetry"
  • J. Sanchez-Guillen (Santiago de Compostela U.), "Unified approach to nucler and hadronic matter from a new BPS solvable Skyrme model"
  • R. Skibinski, (Jagiellonian U.), "Three nucleon force and its application to three-nucleon systems"
  • A. Wereszczynski, (Jagiellonian U.), "Magnetic and thermodynamical properties of the BPS baby skyrmions"
  • W. Zakrzewski, (Durham U.), "Quasi-integrability - the current status" (a pre-meeting seminary)


    Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Reymonta 4, Krakow