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SIG III - 14-18 July 2014

The world of skyrmions - nuclei and nuclear matter

Lectures on skyrmions, their mathematical properties and applications to baryon physics and atomic nuclei.

As the aim of this meeting is to increase interaction (and possible future collaboration) between Skyrme oriented physicists and mathematicians, we are mainly focused on discussions. Therefore, we plan to have only 2-3 talks every day. The tentative detailed topics are:
  • mathematical properties of skyrmions
  • (near) BPS Skyrme models and their applications to the baryonic physics and nuclei
  • nuclear matter (EOS) from the Skyrme model perspective
  • skyrmion crystals
  • issue of holographic skyrmions
  • large Nc and skyrmions
  • supersymmetric skyrmions

    Participants and Talks

  • C. Adam (Santiago de Compostela U.), "Recent progress in Skyrme models"
  • H. Arodz (Jagiellonian U.)
  • D. Foster (Kent U.), "Gauged skyrmions"
  • M. Gillard (Leeds U.), "Near and not-so-near BPS Skyrmions, in pictures"
  • M. Haberichter (Kent U.), "Isospinning skyrmions"
  • C. Halcrow (Cambridge U.), "A Skyrme Model Approach to the Spin-Orbit Force"
  • K. Jankowski (Jagiellonian U.)
  • S. Krusch (Kent U.), "Skyrmion Scattering"
  • Y.-L. Ma (Jilin U.), "Vector meson effect on skyrmion and skyrmion matter properties"
  • M. Nowak (Jagiellonian U.)
  • J. M. Queiruga (Sao Paulo U.), "Skyrme like models and Supersymmetry"
  • M. Rho (Saclay), "What the skyrmion predicts in compact-star matter that chiral perturbation theory does not"
  • M. Speight (Leeds U.), "Ricci magnetic geodesic motion of vortices and lumps"
  • P. Sutcliffe (Durham U.), "Holographic baryons"
  • A. Wereszczynski, (Jagiellonian U.), "Thermodynamics of the BPS Skyrme model"


    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    11.00 S. Krusch P.Sutcliffe J.Queiruga M.Haberichter
    12.00 C.Halcrow M.Rho M.Speight D.Foster
    15.00 C.Adam
    16.00 A.Wereszczynski
    17.00 M.Gillard Y.L.Ma


    Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, Reymonta 4, Krakow


    There are two university Guest Houses located in the Old Town in approx. 15 min of walking distance form the Physics Institute

  • Stanislaw Pigon Visiting Professors' House
  • Florianska Guesthouse

    There is also a university Student Dormitory located very close to the Institue.

  • Zaczek


    At the moment the only way to get from Balice Airport to the city center is the bus nr. 292. In order to get to the bus stop go from the Airport building, turn right and walk 50 meters. The one-way ticket costs 4 PLN. You can buy it using the mashine at the bus stop or in the bus. Depending on your accomodation you should leave the bus at Cracovia Blonia (Zaczek), Plac Invalidow (+ walk 5 min. for Pigon Guesthouse) or Nowy Kleparz (+ walk 10 min. for Florianska Guesthouse). Approaching bus stops are announced on screens in the bus. The final stop is at the Central Station.

    Opptionally one can take a taxi but it costs approx. 80-100 PLN (20-25 euro).