wohlfeldphotoI graduated from the Jagiellonian University in June 2009 with a PhD in theoretical physics (supervisor: professor Andrzej M. Oles). Since February 2015 I am an assistant professor at the University of Warsaw and before that I spent almost six years working as a postdoc abroad — in Germany and in the US: firstly in professor Jeroen van den Brink's group at IFW Dresden and then at Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences (a joint institute of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University in California, USA) in professor Tom Devereaux's group. I am a co-author of 25 papers, including 1 in Nature, 1 in Nature Communications, 5 in Physical Review Letters, and 7 in Physical Review B. My research interests concentrate on the problem of the role of orbital degrees of freedom in the transition metal oxides with strong electronic correlations (cf. More information about myself (including links to all of my papers) can be found on my homepage