Piotr Bizoń

Piotr Bizoń

Curriculum Vitae

Piotr Bizoń

Professor of Theoretical Physics
Institute of Physics
Jagiellonian University
Kraków, Poland

Education and academic degrees

1980 M. Sc. (Jagiellonian University)
1985 Ph.D.  (Jagiellonian University), thesis advisor: Andrzej Staruszkiewicz
1995 Habilitation (Jagiellonian University)
2006 Professor


I have spent my entire academic career at the Institute of Physics of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland (broken by long-term visits abroad). I have been  full professor since 2006.

Postdocs and long-term (1-2 years) visiting positions

1990—1992 postdoc Institute for Theoretical Physics, Vienna
1992—1993 senior research fellow Erwin Schrödinger Institute, Vienna
1994—1995 visiting professor Department of Physics, University College Cork, Cork
1996—1998 visiting professor Department of Mathematics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2012—2014 visiting professor Albert Einstein Institute, Potsdam

Activities in scientific organizations

Awards and honors

1999 M. Miesowicz Award of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Arts
2013 Elected to the Polish Academy of Sciences
2015 Prime Minister Award
2015 Humboldt Research Award
2015 N. Copernicus Award

Former PhD Students

Łukasz Bratek 2004 now associate professor at Institute of Nuclear Physics (PAN)
Sebastian Szybka 2005 now associate professor at Astronomical Observatory (UJ)
Paweł Biernat 2014 now postdoc at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Bonn
Joanna Jałmużna 2014 left academia (works in a software company in Amsterdam)
Maciej Maliborski 2015 now postdoc at Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna

Currently four PhD students are under my supervision.