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Life time of correlations and its applications

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Andrzej Buda: I'm a phycisist graduated at Institute Of Theoretical Physics, University Of Wroclaw, Poland. I'm interested in DFT, econo and sociophysics. I have also published several books about hip-hop culture and phonographic market.

Andrzej Jarynowski: I'm currently a PhD student in Department of Theory of Complex Systems (my background is socio- and econo-physics graduated at University of Wrocław and mathematics for economics and commerce at Technical University of Wrocław).

Sandra Błażejewska is a 19 year old student of history (Institute Of History, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan)

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Life-time of correlations between stocks on established and emerging markets

Hierarchical structure in phonographic market

Human-Human interaction: epidemiology

Anomalous interactions in network of Polish Football League (in Polish)

Hierarchical structure in Polish political parties (in Polish)

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ISBN 978-83-915272-9-0

Published by Andrzej Buda, Wydawnictwo Niezależne