Job openings

Mark Kac Complex Systems Research Center at the Jagellonian University in Krakow, Poland is announcing 2 openings for postdoc positions. Both positions have duration time of 1 year with the possibility of a further extension to 2 years. The starting date will be 1 October 2005 although some small flexibility here is possible.

The successful candidate will be involved in a theoretical research activity within subjects pursued at the Center (quantum computing and information, decoherence, cold degenerate quantum gases, large network topologies, random networks, chaos, random matrices, financial markets, stochastic self-organization and evolution, population dynamics, pattern formation in systems with noise, soft matter and theory of polymers, general applications of many body theory and statistical physics in various branches of science).

Applicants must be national of a European Union Member State (excluding Poland) or an Associated State, or have been residing in the Community for at least the last five years. They must be 35 years old or less. They must have a doctoral degree or at least four years of full-time research experience at a postgraduate level other than doctoral studies. Salary and working conditions will follow the rules of the EU for Marie Curie fellowships.

A researcher (with 4-10 years experience) appointed under an employment contract / assimilated fellowship with full social security coverage receives 47000 (Euro/year) but needs to pay all taxes and other public duties (approximately 25%). In addition, the researcher will receive a monthly mobility allowance of 800 Euro (with family charges) or 500 Euro (without family charges) and a travel allowance for one journey to/from his/her location of origin for every 12 months. A researcher staying at the host for more than 12 months will receive a career exploratory allowance of 2000 Euro.

Application documents consisting of a CV, a brief description of research interests and a list of publication should be directed to the Secretary of the Postdoctoral Committee, at the address: or

Mrs Monika Bogucka
M. Smoluchowski Institute of Physics
Jagellonian University
ul Reymonta 4
30-059 Krakow, POLAND.

The deadline for application is 15 March 2005, although later applications may also be considered. Further details about the application procedure and the Center will be announced at