Project Overview

COCOS is a research project focused on important topics in a rapidly developing area of complex systems analysis and description. This particular field of interdisciplinary investigations originates from the methodology of theoretical physics which is a traditional subject of interest to the members of the Jagellonian University Complex Systems Research Centre. Members of the Centre have a long record of successful collaboration with other European research organisation carried out mostly during visits of Polish researchers to their European partners.

The Centre now intends to become an internationally recognised unit, attractive to foreign senior researchers an offering temporary postdoctoral positions to graduates of European universities. The senior visitors and postdoctoral researchers should bring to the Centre new ideas and methods as well as the expertise on particular areas of study. The proposal includes study and modelling of natural and human-created networks, quantum information, soft matter and ecosystems. While these subjects appear to be inhomogeneous, they share common mathematical formalism and computational methods. Therefore, the feasibility of the project is well founded on the expertise of the Centre.

Mathematical and computational tools needed to carry out the proposed research are strong points of the group, but as this Centre strives to maintain and further develop its high research profile, an influx of fresh ideas and instruction on newly developed techniques are required. Industrial applications of several systems studied at the Centre during the lifetime of this project appears feasible. By performing the tasks of this project, the Centre intends to induce cohesion in research with its European partners, improve its European-wide collaboration, adjust its research profile to the needs of the modern society and overall better integrate into the European Research Area.